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The 412

The 412 is a paired townhome consisting of two 2,024-square-foot residences. Each for-sale three-story home will include three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a loft, an office, a one-bay garage, and multiple outdoor living spaces including an entry porch, covered patio, oversized roof deck, and more. Incorporating thoughtful design and a holistic approach to wellness, The 412 will support a better, healthier life for its buyer, who is primarily motivated to invest in wellness and sustainability features that improve their health.


The Housing Innovation Alliance is the development partner for this concept home and the driving force behind its measurable sustainability goals. This home will have a 70% lower carbon footprint with less greenhouse gas emissions and 90% less construction waste than in typical new-home construction. It will have healthier indoor air and cleaner water, and include high-performance energy management systems and materials that conserve resources and are resilient in the face of disaster. This will be achieved while focusing on market-rate attainability where housing affordability and energy and maintenance costs are a continually growing challenge.


The 412 will find its home in an evolving neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh. 412 is the area code for Pittsburgh, and it’s also an identity – a beacon for the creative and selfless spirit of the city, one largely forged by hand. The 412 was designed from the inside out to bring to life spaces that support how people want to live today, focused on supporting their holistic wellness and using modern methods of construction for a healthier, more sustainable home.


The hope is that it becomes a beacon and inspires other designers and builders to consider alternative construction processes that optimize resources to address the design and build aspects of the current housing shortage and create a more environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, and attainable housing mark. 


Pittsburgh, PA


  • For sale paired townhome

    •  two 2,024-square-foot residences 

    • 3-bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms + loft + office

    • 1-car garage

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The 412 exterior street view
The 412 Exterior aerial view
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